Working in Hiroshima

Researching Industries and Companies

When proceeding with your job search activities in Japan, it is necessary for you to gain an understanding of what kind of industries and companies there are in Japan.
This work is referred to as “industry and company research.”
Industry and company research is work that is performed to determine what kind of occupation you wish to pursue at which company.

Scope of Research

For industry and company research, it is necessary for you to perform research for 3 areas, namely, "industry," "company," and "occupation."

1. Industry Research

The goals of industry research are to:

(1) Narrow down your desired industry from the vast number of industries.
(2) Identify industries that you have no knowledge of.
(3) Obtain knowledge on your desired industry.

It is necessary for you to investigate a wide variety of industries that are not just limited to those industries that you have aspirations for or that catch your interest.
Additionally, by consulting with alumni members who are actually in the workforce, it is possible for you to obtain a concrete image of the actual conditions of the industries, as well as a deeper understanding.
During industry research, you should organize your thoughts on why you desire to work in a certain industry and what kind of abilities are useful in that industry, and you should clearly identify how you can utilize your own values and strengths.
This work will not only prove to be useful when you are drafting your entry sheet and during interviews, but it will also be useful in helping you to rediscover your own personality and abilities, as well as to allow you to objectively analyze yourself.

2. Company Research

The goals of company research are to:

(1) Identify whether your desired company is a good match for you.
(2) Compile a “statement of intent” that will be persuasive to the individuals in charge of hiring.

First, you should begin by organizing your thoughts on what you are looking for in the company you wish to work at, whether it is the salary or the actual details of the work you will perform or the degree to which the company contributes to society…
After narrowing this down to several key points that you will focus on when choosing a company, narrow down the number of companies, and compare them with their competitors.
After you have gone through this process, you should be able to create a persuasive statement of intent.

3. Occupational Research

An “occupation” refers to the title used to describe different types of work and operations, and a variety of occupations exist, such as “sales,” “planning and marketing,” “public relations and advertisement,” “research and development,” and “finance related,” etc.
Furthermore, even if it is for the same occupation, as the contents of work may differ depending on the industry or company, it is necessary for you to check what kind of specific work you will be engaged in.
The goals of occupational research are to:

(1) Identify the details of work performed.
(2) Select the occupation in which you can actively utilize your own abilities.


(1) Were you able to gain an understanding of the details of work for your occupation?
(2) Why do you wish to do such work?
(3) Will you be able to actively utilize you own abilities and strengths?

If you are able to clearly answer the 3 previous questions, this will mean that you have achieved the goals.

How to Perform Research

The following methods can be used to perform “industry and company research.”

  • Browsing the informational materials found at university employment sections and HelloWork, etc.
  • Research based on information from the Internet, books, newspapers, and informational materials obtained from companies
  • Research performed by attending company informational sessions, visiting alumni members, and by participating in internships

Through internships, students can experience the actual work performed at companies, and they can act as an opportunity to identify such things as whether or not you are well-suited for the job, whether it is the job you truly desire, and what kind of workplace roles are available.
Internships are mainly conducted during the summer and spring vacations.

Networking Events for International Students and Companies

These events provide a space in which participants can network and share information in a casual atmosphere, with the aim of deepening the mutual understanding between international students who wish to work in Hiroshima, as well as the rest of Japan, and local companies that are interested in recruiting global talent.

Company Guidebooks

When performing company research, try to skillfully make use of company guidebooks!
In addition to the support center, company guidebooks are issued by such organizations as the Hiroshima Prefectural Government and the employment promotion councils of the individual cities.

Company Interviews

Here we provide videos introducing companies that are actively recruiting international students.

Reference Websites for Industry and Company Research

HelloWork (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Hiroshima Prefecture