Working in Hiroshima


Through internships, students can experience the actual work performed at companies, and they can act as an opportunity to identify such things as whether or not you are well-suited for the job, whether it is the job you truly desire, and what kind of workplace roles are available.
Internships are mainly conducted during the summer and spring vacations.
There are a number of different ways to participate in an internship.
Gain a thorough understanding of each of their characteristics, and participate in a program that matches your needs.

Internships Conducted by the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students


There are 2 types of internships conducted by the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students, namely, “working experiences” and “Open company.”

Type Timing of program Length of program
Working experiences August to late September and early February to late March 5 or more days
Open company August to February 1 day or half a day
Applicable Participants

International students who intend to or are interested in working at companies within Hiroshima Prefecture.

How to Apply

We provide information on companies accepting such interns through our internship application outline page and our e-mail newsletter.
If you wish to participate, please submit an entry sheet through our website or by fax.

How Internships Are Determined

The support center will match up the desired companies and the international students, and will contact them to notify them of the results.

Project Status
Participant Voices
  • I hope to actively utilize what I have learned at the company I interned at in my future job search activities in Japan.
  • Although I didn’t know what kind of work I am well-suited for, through my internship I was able to reexamine myself.
  • I also intend on introducing this internship to the lower-level international students around me.
  • Through this internship, I was able to gain somewhat of an understanding on companies in Japan.

Internships Conducted by Universities That Have Entered into a Letter of Agreement with Companies, Organizations, Etc.

Check the bulletin boards, etc., at university career centers for information on companies accepting interns, and apply at the university.

Internships Conducted by the Hiroshima Prefecture Internship Promotion Council

You should search for and apply for your desired internship by using the "Go! Hiroshima Database."
For internship programs that last for 2 days or longer, you can apply to them by clicking the "apply" button.
(The secretariat will act as an intermediary to match the applicants.)
For "1 day work experiences" and online (1DAY) listings, please apply to them at their individual websites by clicking the "go to application site" button to jump to the employment assistance website.
Even for listings that are posted on employment assistance websites, you can apply to such listings from the "Go! Hiroshima Database."

How to search for information

If you add a check to the "international student" item for your student recruitment grade level in the "Go! Hiroshima Database," you can search for internships that accept international students.

Hiroshima City Long-Term Paid Internships

This is a roughly 2-week internship during the summer vacation that allows participants to tackle the issues they are presented with as they gain work experience while earning pay from a company.

Internships That Students Apply for on Their Own through the Major Employment Assistance Websites, Such as “Career Tasu,” “Rikunabi,” and “Mynavi”

First of all, you should register with employment assistance websites and collect information on internships.
Additionally, there are cases where companies are scouting for interns on their own without going through such employment assistance websites.

Internship information for companies hiring international students

Here you can find internship information for companies accepting international students for the employment assistance websites.

Company Observational Tour

By actually visiting a company, a company observational tour allows participants to experience the distinct characteristics, atmosphere, and the appeal of working for that company.
Additionally, depending on the tour, participants may be able to take part in networking events that will allow them to hear the actual voices of the company’s employees!
In addition to company observational tours conducted by the support center, there are also those that are conducted by the prefecture and the employment promotion councils of the individual municipalities, etc.
We will notify you of application information on company observational tours through the support center website, our e-mail newsletter, and social media, etc.