Enjoying Hiroshima

Gourmet Offerings

Enjoy the Food of Hiroshima

In Hiroshima, visitors can eat seafood that is caught from the Seto Inland Sea, fresh vegetables that are locally grown, and brand-name beef that is raised within the prefecture, and this location is blessed with an abundance of culinary offerings.
One of Hiroshima’s great appeals is that visitors can enjoy such delicious food in everyday life.

A Taste of the Sea

This area boasts an abundance of seafood that can be caught in the Seto Inland Sea.
Additionally, the oysters during winter, which act as one of Hiroshima’s most famous gourmet offerings, are absolutely delectable.
(Photo: courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)


This is the soul food of Hiroshima. There are a multitude of okonomiyaki restaurants to choose from.
(Photo: courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Hiroshima Lemons

Hiroshima is the largest producer of lemons in Japan.
(Photo: courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Onomichi Ramen

This is a local ramen that can be found in regions in and around “Onomichi,” which is a popular sightseeing spot.
(Photo: courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

The Meat of Hiroshima

Visitors can enjoy Hiroshima wagyu, which boasts a rich history and tradition, as well as such things as Hiroshima’s brand-name pork.

The Alcoholic Beverages of Hiroshima

This region is famous for the Japanese rice wine of “Saijō,” which is one of Japan’s foremost regions for producing sake, as well as its wine, which is made using grapes produced within the prefecture.
In addition to drinking such beverages, visitors can also enjoy participating in tours of sake breweries and wineries.

Let’s Search for the Local Gourmet Offerings of Hiroshima Prefecture!

Check the Hiroshima Prefecture tourism websites, and visit any restaurants that interest you!