Working in Hiroshima

The Job Search Process in Japan

Gain an understanding on the recruitment rules and schedule in Japan, and get started early on your job search activities!

While companies overseas adopt a “year-round hiring” method by which companies freely hire new recruits throughout the year depending on their needs at the time, the majority of companies in Japan adopt a “simultaneous or periodic recruiting” method whereby companies hire new recruits all at once every fiscal year by selecting from students who are scheduled to graduate, and generally speaking, students begin working on April 1st of the fiscal year following their graduation.
For this reason, students in Japan must engage in job search activities starting from the previous fiscal year before their graduation so that their schedule matches with this recruitment period.
Additionally, as part of such job search activities in Japan, it is necessary for students to acquire knowhow in advance on such things as proper manners, how to write documents, and how to undergo interview examinations, etc., through such things as seminars, etc.