Enjoying Hiroshima

Making Friends

Making Friends by Participating in Events

In Hiroshima, there are plenty of events where participants can enjoy interacting with international students, Japanese students, and local residents.
Such networking events are also held at the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students.

International student exchange events

Once a year we organize events where international students and Japanese students can interact with members of the local community.
These events are popular among international students as opportunities to learn about the local area and interact with the people of Hiroshima.

International Student Networking Event in Fukuyama-city, Yamano-cho (August 29th, 2023)

International House festival

This festival is held in November each year at the Hiroshima City International House.
International students from around the world introduce their home countries at this festival.

Japanese cultural experience events

Events are held that provide opportunities to experience Japanese culture and interact with local residents.
Such events include watching performances of Noh Theater, snow play experiences, and interaction through cooking.

Watching Noh performances

Playing in the snow (event to experience life in snowy regions)

Kagura (Shinto ceremonial dance) costume fitting and musical instrument experience (event to experience life in snowy regions)

Hiroshima Study Abroad Ambassadors

As Hiroshima Study Abroad Ambassadors, international students studying in Hiroshima communicate information about Hiroshima attractions and student life via SNS and websites!