Working in Hiroshima

Networking Events for International Students and Companies

These events provide a space in which participants can network and share information in a casual atmosphere, with the aim of deepening the mutual understanding between international students who wish to work in Hiroshima, as well as the rest of Japan, and local companies that are interested in recruiting global talent.

Networking Events Hosted by the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students

Networking events to meet international student alumni members who are working at Japanese companies

In these relatively small-scale networking events, international student alumni members who found employment in Japan share their experiences with current international students involving such things as the difficult rules they faced during their job search in Japan, and they provide advice and answer questions given by the participating international students in their native language.

Job fair-style networking events

These are relatively large-scale networking events, and roughly 10 to 15 companies host exhibits at such events.
Participants can speak to the people in charge of hiring at companies for a variety of industries and can learn about such things as the details of the jobs they offer and the hiring conditions for international students.

Networking events to meet with individuals from companies participating in seminars hosted by job search support companies

Of the companies participating in seminars, networking events are held to allow those companies that are specifically interested in hiring international students to connect with international students.

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Networking Events Hosted by Other Organizations

Networking events for companies and international students are also conducted by such organizations as the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization (a public interest incorporated foundation).
We will notify you on how to apply through the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students website, our e-mail newsletter, and social media, etc.