About the Hiroshima Study Abroad Portal Site

Here at the Hiroshima Study Abroad Portal Site, we introduce visitors to the appeal of studying abroad in Hiroshima, by examining it from 4 thematic perspectives, namely, “studying in Hiroshima,” “living in Hiroshima,” “enjoying Hiroshima,” and “working in Hiroshima.”

At this website, visitors can find various information that has been compiled with the aim of allowing them to have an enjoyable and safe study abroad stay in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Prefecture offers international students with access to an extremely extensive support system.

As mentioned on this website, numerous events geared toward international students are held throughout the year.

At the core of such efforts is the “Hiroshima Support Center for International Students,” which also operates this website, and together in collaboration with universities, junior colleges, local government, colleges of technology, Japanese language schools, and economic organizations, it aims to support international students in their student life in Hiroshima.

Here you can find guidebooks that introduce the support being offered to international students that is being provided by the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students.


Hiroshima Prefecture aims to support
international students in achieving their success.