Living in Hiroshima

What to Do in Case of an Emergency

When living in a foreign country, situations will arise where you may encounter difficulty or not know what to do.
Here we will introduce you to some places you can consult in such situations.

If You Become a Victim of a Crime

Use a phone to call 110 and consult with the police.

If a Fire or Accident Occurs

Use a phone to call 119 to report this incident.
Over the phone, you will be asked such things as whether it is a fire or whether you need an ambulance.

Disaster Preparedness

Japan is a country where many natural disasters, such as earthquakes occur.
Make sure to check the location of the evacuation centers near your house.
Make a regular habit of studying up on natural disasters, and stock food and water in order to prepare for such disasters.

Medical Care

Here we provide information on medical institutions within the prefecture that offer services in foreign languages, as well as on the Medical Interpretation Volunteer Dispatching Project.