Studying in Hiroshima

Campus Life

A Day in the Life of an International Student

Here we introduce the campus lives of international students
studying at universities in Hiroshima.

As I majored in Japanese at a university in China, I had been interested in Japanese language education and decided to come study in Japan.
I am continuing to grow every day in an excellent international and practical environment. With extensive support for international students provided by the university and a beautiful, green campus, I am enjoying the best possible life while studying abroad!

李 午梅 Li Wumei

  • Hiroshima University Student
  • From China
  • Housing: University rental dormitory
    : Approximately 10,000 yen/month
  • Member of the Photography Club
Li Wumei
8:30 Commuting to school

It takes me around 15 minutes to get to the university by bicycle. I enjoy the sights on my way to school, such as the cherry blossoms and the colors of the autumn leaves. The students who are training hard every morning for their sports activities help to give me energy!

8:45 Classes

Student presentations are an important part of many classes. Students present their own ideas and points of view, get opinions and advice from instructors and other students, discuss, and deepen their academic and practical understanding as they conduct their research.

12:00 Lunch

I like cooking, so I almost always make my own box lunch and enjoy it together with my friends. When I do not have time, I eat at the cafeteria or someplace else. The cafeteria is inexpensive and
the food is very good, which is a big help to the students.

16:00 Studying in the library

The library includes study spaces, private rooms, group meeting rooms, a magazine and newspaper corner, PC space, and wireless LAN, and provides the perfect environment for comfortable study or reading. There are sofas which are great for taking a break when you get tired of studying.

18:00 Club activities

I joined the Photography Club because I have always loved taking pictures and I wanted to photograph scenes from around Japan together with other people who share my interests. The other members are all very nice. I am enjoying
the weekly meetings and look forward to the photography events that are held around once each month.

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