Living in Hiroshima

Living Expenses

How much does everyone spend on 1 month of living expenses?

Considering your finances is a matter that cannot be avoided when imagining what your study abroad life will be like in Hiroshima.
We were able to find out roughly how much money is needed for living expenses by asking current international students.

A Rough Standard for Living Costs in Hiroshima Prefecture

Monthly living costs (excluding tuition):
Approximately 90,000 – 100,000 yen

*Please consider this as a rough guide since it varies between individuals.

Breakdown for living costs


According to a survey conducted by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) in 2021, the national average for monthly living costs including tuition was 158,000 yen while it was 140,000 yen for Hiroshima (Chugoku region).
This shows that living costs for students in Hiroshima could be kept low compared to that in large metropolitan areas.

A rough standard for national living costs (including tuition)

*Based on informational materials from a survey conducted in FY 2021 (current as of March 2024)
(excerpt from JASSO’s “1 Month of Regional Living Expenses for Foreign International Students”)

An Example of 1 Month of Living Expenses for an International Student

We were able to find out how much 1 month of living expenses actually cost by asking 2 international students.

Advice from Other International Students

Food cost

You can eat cheap, hearty meals at the cafeterias on campus.

Mobile phones

Since there are a wide variety of plans, the cost will differ depending on the person.
Some people are even able to creatively make use of free Wi-Fi, etc., to limit their Internet and mobile phone fees to 0 yen!

Book expenses

About 10,000 – 20,000 yen was necessary to buy textbooks, etc. when I was a freshman and sophomore.
I took advantage of the library at university and read novels and magazines there.

*Please note that these are only the personal experiences and remarks of individuals.