Social Media Management Policy

1. Intent

This policy establishes the provisions necessary for managing the official social media accounts (hereinafter referred to as “Official Social Media”) for the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”).

2. Purpose

The Center aims to use Official Social Media for the purposes of transmitting information on the Center’s operations and events, etc., in order to allow users to gain a deeper understanding on the Center.

3. Basic Policy

Official Social Media shall be exclusively used by the staff members of the Center as a means of transmitting information, and as a basic rule, any comments or inquiries shall be received using the “Contact Form” found on the Center’s website.

4. Information Transmitted

  • Announcements on events hosted by the Center, as well as information conveying the atmosphere on the day of such events, and information to report on such projects
  • Information on international exchange
  • Information that is beneficial to the users of the Center
  • Miscellaneous information on the Center

5. Exemption from Liability

  • Although we will make every effort to verify the accuracy of information that is publicly posted, we shall not be held liable for any and all actions taken by other individuals using Facebook based on the information posted to the Center’s applicable Facebook account.
  • We shall not be held liable in the event that information posted causes issues to arise between other users, or between other users and a third-party.
  • The copyright, etc., for comments posted, etc., shall belong exclusively to the individual user who submitted the applicable post.
    With that said, however, once such information has been posted, the user grants the Center the rights to use the posted contents in a non-commercial and non-exclusive manner across the world, and at the same time, it shall be determined that consent has been granted that the user shall not exercise their copyright or other rights to make a claim against the Center.

6. Deletion of Posts Made by Users, Etc.

In cases where any of the following items apply, comments may be deleted or accounts may be blocked without the user being provided with prior notification.

  • Contents that are in violation of laws, etc., or for which there is a risk of violation occurring
  • Contents that are discriminatory or slanderous toward a specific individual or organization, etc.
  • Contents that violate standards of public order or decency
  • Contents that violate privacy, such as by allowing for the identification, disclosure, and leakage, etc., of personal information without obtaining the consent of the individual affected
  • Contents that infringe on intellectual property rights held by third parties, such as copyrights, trademark rights, and rights of publicity, etc.
  • Contents used for advertising or marketing, etc., solicitation for sales purposes, or other activities with commercial purposes
  • Contents that aim to promote political or religious activities
  • Contents submitted by falsely assuming the identities of other users and third parties, etc.
  • Harmful computer programs
  • Contents that are unrelated to the contents transmitted by the Center, etc.
  • Contents that have been determined by a third party to be offensive and for which a deletion request has been placed, and at the same time, for which the Center has also determined that deletion is appropriate
  • Other contents, such as links, etc., that contain such contents or information that is determined to be inappropriate by the Center

7. Regarding Copyright

Regarding the contents of the Official Social Media, excluding cases where authorized “personal use” or usage in “citation,” etc., has been granted from a copyright law standpoint, as well as cases where the contents are being reproduced and redistributed in an unmodified manner using the standard functionality for such social media services, and where clear indication is given on their origin of reference, unauthorized reproduction and redistribution, etc., of said contents are strictly prohibited. In the event that a citation is made of said contents, an appropriate method shall invariably be used to clearly indicate the source of said citation.

8. Publication of and Changes, Etc., Made to Management Policies

This policy shall be subject to change and it may be changed as necessary without prior notice.

Contact Information
Hiroshima Support Center for International Students
Hiroshima Crystal Plaza 6F, 8-18 Nakamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture, 730-0037
Phone: 082-541-3781
FAX: 082-243-2001
Operating hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
Closed on: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and the period at the end and beginning of the year