Enjoying Hiroshima


Introduction on the Major Events Held in Hiroshima

A variety of events are held in Hiroshima throughout the year.
Simply going to see them is a good chance to enjoy Japanese culture and atmosphere.

春 Spring
  • Hiroshima Flower Festival
    (Hiroshima City / May)
  • Rose Festival
    (Fukuyama City / May)

Photo: courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

夏 Summer
  • Tokasan
    (Hiroshima City / Jun.)
  • Mihara Yassa Festival
    (Mihara City / Aug.)
  • Fireworks festivals in each part of the prefecture
    (Jul. – Aug.)

Photo: courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

秋 Autumn
  • Saijo Sake Festival
    (Higashihiroshima City / Oct.)
  • Takehara Bamboo Lights Festival
    (Takehara City / Oct.)
  • Ebisu Grand Festival
    (Hiroshima City / Nov.)

Photo: courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

冬 Winter
  • Hiroshima Dreamination
    (Hiroshima City / Nov.-Jan.)
  • Bihoku Winter Illumination
    (Shobara City / Nov.-Jan.)
  • Kaki (Oyster) Festival
    (From late January to early March in various regions of Hiroshima Prefecture)

There are also many events besides the ones listed here that are held in Hiroshima!

Visitors to the Hiroshima Prefecture tourism websites can view a list of the events in Hiroshima Prefecture, as well as such things as an event calendar that introduces the events for each month.
Check these websites for events, and try to attend any that interest you.