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Company Guidebooks

Company guidebooks are booklets or digital data that contain information on attractive companies within this prefecture.
In addition to the support center, company guidebooks are issued by such organizations as the Hiroshima Prefectural Government and the employment promotion councils of the individual cities.
When performing company research, try to skillfully make use of company guidebooks!

Created by the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students

Here at the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students, we have created the following company guidebooks.
You can view them on the Various Downloads page.

  • Guidebooks on Companies That Are Actively Recruiting Foreign International Students
  • Guidebooks on Job Search Support Networking Events for Foreign International Students
  • Guidebooks on Foreign International Student Joint Multi-Company Informational Sessions
  • Job Fair on Campus Guidebooks

Guidebooks Created by Hiroshima Prefecture

Guidebooks Created by the Employment Promotion Councils of the Individual Cities, Etc.


This is an employment support website operated by Bingo Report (a limited liability company).

This is a website with company information provided by the Hiroshima Association of Corporate Executives. Companies can be searched for by industry and region.

This website is operated by the Hiroshima Economic Research Institute. Here visitors can find videos that introduce viewers to the potential for growth, the capability to innovate, and the appealing organizational culture, etc., of companies within the prefecture.

This is a website operated by Chugoku Shimbun. Visitors can find company information and hiring information for companies within the prefecture.

Industry Research and Company Research Reference Websites

National Government (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Hiroshima Prefecture
Individual Cities