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Joint Multi-Company Informational Sessions and Interview Sessions

A company informational session is an event where a company explains what kind of company it is as part of the company’s recruiting activities.
At company informational sessions, participants can directly ask individuals representing the company on the latest information that is not given on the company’s website.
Attending company informational sessions is absolutely essential when performing research on companies.
There are cases where a company will hold its own independent event, as well as cases where multiple companies hold a joint event (joint multi-company informational sessions).
For most companies, these company informational sessions are held from March through April.

Although “company interview sessions” have a similar name to company informational sessions, as these events are held with the intention of actively recruiting the participants, they are conducted in June and onward.
International students should prepare their resumes, and attend such events dressed in business suits for recruiting purposes.

Job Fair on Campus

The Hiroshima Center for International Students has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to conduct this program, which aims to deepen the understanding that international students have on job search methods and on industries and companies in Japan, while also expanding the range of employment opportunities for international students.
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Joint Multi-Company Informational Sessions

At joint multi-company informational sessions, companies from a variety of industries and business sectors participate by setting up booths, and these events act as a space where foreign international students are provided with information on companies and jobs.
Such events allow participants to receive explanations from a large number of companies in a single day.

Information on Entry Process / Company Informational Sessions for Companies Hiring International Students

This section provides information on the entry process/company informational sessions for companies that are actively recruiting international students.