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Job Fair on Campus

At the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students, we have been commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to conduct the “Job Fair on Campus,” with the aim of deepening the understanding that international students have on job search methods and on industries and companies in Japan, while also expanding the range of employment opportunities for international students.

Event Details

This event is conducted 2 times a year, with a focus placed on the cities of Hiroshima, Higashihiroshima, and Fukuyama, where many international students reside.
The event details are as follows.

For companies
●Seminars for utilizing global human resources
 ◎Company seminars
 ◎Case examples for the recruitment and employment of international students
For international students ●International student job search seminars
 ◎Industry seminars
 ◎Job search preparation courses
●Industry study groups and networking events for individual companies
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Event Overview

Seminars (for Companies and for International Students)

At the seminars geared toward companies that are interested in recruiting international students, we invite speakers from companies that have abundant past experience in recruiting international students to introduce their global strategy based on the employment of foreign international students and specific case examples of how such talent can be utilized.
At the seminars geared toward international students, we invite individuals in charge of human resources at companies that are expanding abroad to provide information that is useful to international students searching for jobs in Japan.

Industry Study Groups and Networking Events

Participants can obtain the latest information on finding work at companies in Japan from the individuals in charge at companies in various industries, as well as from alumni members from their home countries.
We also conduct casual networking events that allow the individuals in charge at companies and international students to further deepen their mutual understanding.

How to Participate

We will notify you of information on events being held through this website, our e-mail newsletter, and social media, etc.