Living in Hiroshima


Accessing Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima – City of Connections

Hiroshima is connected to many geographic regions both domestic and abroad through such means of transportation as airplane, shinkansen (bullet train), train, and highway buses, etc.
Additionally, Hiroshima Airport serves passengers with regularly scheduled flights to and from 7 overseas cities and 5 domestic cities.
By travelling in transit (transferring) through Haneda, Narita, Taipei, Beijing, or Singapore, etc., it is possible to access countries throughout the world.(Current as of March 2024.)

Major Transit Systems within Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima has an extensive network of trains, buses, and other means of transportation.
Within Hiroshima City, streetcars offer a simple and inexpensive way to get around.


JR provides train services in this prefecture.
It is possible to use transit IC cards, such as ICOCA and Suica, etc.


There are also fixed route bus and highway bus services in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Highway buses not only take passengers outside of the prefecture, but there are also buses that provide service within the prefecture, such as between the cities of Hiroshima and Fukuyama, and they act as a useful means of transportation throughout this large prefecture.


Streetcars are operated within the city of Hiroshima.
Passengers can ride through sections for most routes for a flat fare of 220 yen.
*Please note that there may be exceptions depending on the route taken.

Astram Line

There is also a monorail line that connects the city of Hiroshima with the suburbs of the city (Koiki-koen-mae Station).
This train line actively serves the residents of Hiroshima Prefecture by allowing them to commute to school and work.


The “Peacecle” rental bicycles are a convenient way to travel around the central region of the city of Hiroshima.
These bicycles can be rented by the hour, and 1-day passes are also available. These bicycles are equipped with electrically power-assisted pedaling systems.

Transit IC cards
JR and the other individual companies issue IC cards used for transit.
There are 10 types throughout the country, such as ICOCA, SUGOCA, and PiTaPa, etc.
After first paying a 500-yen deposit, you will be able to charge your card using cash.
Additionally, in Hiroshima, in addition to the IC cards that are issued by JR, there are also cards, such as PASPY that can be used for the major bus and streetcar lines, etc., in Hiroshima.

Major Transit System Search Websites

Basic Traffic Rules

  • Automobiles and bicycles keep to the left side of the road. Pedestrians keep to the right.
    Just as when you are driving an automobile or motorcycle, pedestrians have the right of way when you are riding a bicycle.
    As it is dangerous, please refrain from walking while using your smartphone or listening to music using earphones when riding a bicycle.
    Make sure to always obey traffic signals.
  • When getting on trains or buses, please allow people to first get off.