Living in Hiroshima


Hiroshima - Peaceful and Friendly City

To the north of Hiroshima are the smooth contours of the Chugoku mountains, while to the south is the warm Seto Inland Sea.
It is surrounded by beautiful nature, rarely experiences earthquakes, and has a mild climate.
Additionally, the southern region of the prefecture where most of the schools are located features a climate that is particularly temperate and pleasant throughout the entire year.

The temperate climate of the Seto Inland Sea region
The mountain ranges of the Chugoku mountainous regions

Average Temperatures and Rainfall in Hiroshima City

Source: Hiroshima Averages (Yearly and Monthly Averages) (Japan Meteorological Agency)

Comments by International Students Living in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is a comfortable place to live thanks to the lack of earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunami.
The low prices of goods are another good point.
Hiroshima people are also very friendly.
When I first came to Hiroshima and got lost, nearby old men and women would always help me.
This made a strong impression on me.
Now I am doing fieldwork at Miyajima as part of my university courses.
Although there are cars on the island, I have never heard anyone honk a horn.
I think it is a very comfortable and accessible place for tourists.
There are also many deer there, and I like the way the deer and people get along well together like friends.