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Support for employment

This page is
Support for employment

Job hunting schedule and support for employment in Hiroshima

Job hunting schedule and support for employment in Hiroshima

Process of job hunting in Japan

Click “advices” or “reports” and you will be able to read reports on the experiences of international students currently studying in Hiroshima!

  main job hunting events support for employment from the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students
freshmen, sophomores Preparation/
Research Period
  • extramural activities and qualification acquisition
juniors, 1st year of master’s degree Preparation/
Research Period
  • self-analysis
  • corporate and industry analysis
  • internship
  • visiting graduates
  • request for brochures
Actual Job Hunt Begins December
  • company information session
  • application form
seniors, 2nd year of master’s degree Written exams・Interviews April  

※ This is the general schedule as of September, 2013.

※ The types of support for employment provided by the center are those as of fiscal 2013.


Advices to freshmen and sophomores

  • To get prepared in advance for job hunting in your junior and senior years, you should get actively involved in various activities such as clubs and volunteer work, study business Japanese, and try obtaining qualifications before you get busy job hunting.
  • You should actively make friends not only with Japanese but also with people from different countries and regions. That way, you’ll be able to cultivate communications skills.
  • It is also important to pay attention to job hunting information from the career center at each university and from the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students, and to actively participate in job hunting events.

A report on introductory seminars

Attending seminars was very useful. I found out how important corporate research was and what I should do at an early stage before starting to hunt for a job. I assumed that you had to have an advanced-level of Japanese skills to get employed, but discovered that it wasn’t just a matter of Japanese skills - that companies wanted excellent human resources. My worries eased after finding that out. I also learned some corporate characteristics unique to Japan – for instance that Japanese companies develop employees and that team work is important to achieve goals. Introductory seminars are very useful because they tell us how to get prepared for job hunting in Japan which is different from that in our home country.

introductory seminars

Ms. Huang Min

A report on internship

  • I was able to learn a lot by finding out that Japanese company employees always kept the 5S (sorting, straightening, shining, standardize, sustain) in mind and worked with their colleagues in a coordinated manner.
  • I also found out that they worked with a client-centered attitude.
  • I was able to learn their stable manufacturing management approach.
  • I learned that innovation such as day-to-day research on how to boost quality while reducing costs was important for an organization to develop.
  • I realized the need to understand the corporate culture in Japan.


Mr. Selvaraj Thomasprabhu

A report on individual consulting

I asked a consultant from the Hiroshima Support Center for International Students to check and touch up the resume that I had written for job hunting and received the feedback as you can see in the photo. I found out that instead of just writing your strong and weak points for your self-promotion, it’s necessary to write a self-analysis or relate it with your motivation for applying. I also learned that in the space where you write your interests and skills, instead of just introducing what you like, you should write what you acquired through your interests, and together with your present level you should write your next aims. I felt that writing a resume on your own was much more difficult than I’d imagined so the advices from the consultant really helped.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan

A report on exchange salons

I got to know different companies around Hiroshima by participating in an exchange salon, where we could freely ask questions to the people from the companies. I felt anew the importance of Japanese skills to communicate properly with the people from the companies. The exchange salons gave me the opportunity to choose companies that matched my vision and was also able to learn that some of the companies offered opportunities for an internship and opportunities to actually visit the company. These events are very helpful for foreign students.

exchange salons

Mr. Raut Sushil