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Support for employment

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Support for employment
Q&A for job hunting

Q&A for job hunting

We have collected questions often asked by international students regarding job hunting.

Why do companies seek international students?

Although the reasons vary among companies, the following reasons can be given in general.

1.To expand its business overseas

Among the companies planning to expand its business overseas, many wish to employ students from the countries and regions where they plan to expand their businesses and have them help the companies promote the business there.

2.To secure excellent human resources

Many companies now wish to secure excellent human resources from any nation.

3.To revitalize the company

Many companies seek diversity, and also consider that employing people with various cultures and values will stimulate the company and other employees.

Are there anything that international students should be especially careful of in job hunting?

First of all, it is important for the job that you will be assigned at the company is related with what you have been studying at university.
With the exception of some jobs such as interpreting, various factors will comprehensively be taken into account to change your visa from a study visa to a working visa, such as what you majored in at university, the work contents at the company where you will be employed, the stability of employment, and continuity.

What kind of supports are there for international students in Hiroshima and how can you participate in them?

The main projects are “career fairs” and “employment support seminars,” which we notify on the announcement page of our website, e-mail newsletters, on Facebook, and flyers.
We also provide information on job hunting in Hiroshima on websites such as “Work2 net Hiroshima” and “Hiroshima Job Site.”


What will happen if you can’t find a job before you graduate from university?

If you plan to remain in Japan to hunt for a job, you must apply to change you visa to a designated activities visa in order to continue job hunting. You will need a letter of recommendation from your university and you’re permitted to stay for half a year and you can renew your visa after that period which will then allow you to stay for another half a year. So you’ll be able to remain in Japan for another year in total.