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Support for employment

This page is
Support for employment

Hiroshima Prefecture is the home to industries and companies in all kinds of fields, and according to a prefectural survey conducted in 2012, there are approximately 95,000 companies (11th largest number in the country).
And out of these, approximately 2,300 companies have over 50 employees, while approximately 1,400 companies have more than 100 employees.
And there are over 300 “only one,” “number one” companies with the biggest market share in manufacturing technologies and business fields which are no match for any other company. The prefecture has many companies that would be of great interest to international students.

Those who wish to get a job at such companies are recommended to understand the process of job hunting in Japan and what they need to do.
We have created a page to support job hunting in Hiroshima.

Job hunting schedule and support for employment in Hiroshima

We compiled an easy-to-understand guide on procedures of job hunting in Japan and employment support that you can receive in Hiroshima.
International students who actually received support for employment have shared their experiences!


We interviewed international students who found employment in Hiroshima.

Q&A for job hunting

We have collected questions often asked by international students regarding job hunting.

The job group of the “discovering the appeals of student life in Hiroshima” team was in charge of this page.
Hiroshima University of Economics-Huang Min
Hiroshima University-Selvaraj Thomasprabhu・Raut Sushil Bapurao・Nguyen Thanh Toan