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The Hiroshima way of life

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The Hiroshima way of life
How to spend a holiday

How to spend a holiday

Student life abroad is busy with school work and part-time jobs… but holidays should be fun!!
How do foreign students in Hiroshima spend their holidays?

Ms. Nam Dayeon(from South Korea / 4th year studying in Hiroshima)

Spends holidays watching the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, her/his favorite baseball team, playing

I love baseball and often go to the Mazda Stadium to support the Toyo Carps who are based in Hiroshima, which I consider my adopted hometown. The stadium is easy of access, being only about a ten-minute walk from Hiroshima Station, and is clean and I can really enjoy myself when I go to see the games. I really love cheering loudly for the team and banging the cheering bats with other fans. I have plans today, too to go and see a game at the Mazda Stadium with a friend.

Toyo Carps fan appreciation day

Ms. Hoang Thi My(from Vietnam / 4th year studying in Hiroshima)

Through Karate

I chose Hiroshima as the place for studying in Japan. Besides studying and doing part-time jobs, I learn karate on holidays. I sometimes do karate demonstrations at interchanging events with my karate teacher and friends who I learn karate with. Through karate, I have been able to interact with Japanese people and it has helped me to deeply understand the Japanese culture.

Started learning karate after coming to Hiroshima

Ms. Lee Hyunjeong(from South Korea / 2nd year studying in Hiroshima)

Busy, productive holidays, going shopping and doing part-time jobs

On holidays, I often hang out around Hiroshima City with friends and also do part-time jobs. When I’m with a friend, we usually hang out in Hiroshima City. When we’re in busy areas like the main street and Kamiya-cho, we enjoy shopping. I also sometimes visit Miyajima or Okayama with friends. I have a job at an apparel company, and I enjoy working there because I get to learn about the society, and everybody gets friendly since most of the people working there are university students. Since I try to spend my holidays as busy and pleasant as possible, I’m very satisfied with my holidays.

At the beach with friends

Mr. Lu Xuanyuan(from China / 6th year studying in Hiroshima)

Refreshing the body and mind by travelling

Holidays are very important to me since I have very few days off. My schedule is usually filled up with either schoolwork or part-time jobs. But since I love travelling, I take 2 or 3 days off every month and go on a trip. Because my daily life is so tightly scheduled with school work and part-time jobs, I need to give my body and mind a rest from time to time. It may seem like an extreme way, but for me it is just right.


Ms. Min Deulrae(from South Korea / 5th year studying in Hiroshima)

bowling → family restaurant → karaoke is the usual course

I don’t spend holidays at home!
I go out with friends. We meet up at Parco on the main street. That’s where most people get together in Hiroshima! First we go bowling at ROUND 1! Three games aren’t enough for us. We always play 6 games. By the time our arm muscles start to ache, we get hungry. Since there are many family restaurants in Japan, we go and eat at one of those with a self-service drink bar. Once we get full, we need to get rid of that feeling of fullness, which means that we must go out to karaoke next. An hour is too short. By the time we lose our voices, it’s time to say goodbye to each other. That’s one of the ways I spend my holidays.

Karaoke♪ & Go to a summer festival in a yukata with friends