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Hiroshima Support Center for International Students Study in Hiroshima!

The Hiroshima way of life

This page is
The Hiroshima way of life

Simulate student life in Hiroshima!

There must be so many things that you want to know before going abroad!!
How will your student life be like? What will you need? How much will living expenses cost? Will you be able to get a part-time job? How will you hunt for an apartment?
On this page we share with you what overseas students have actually experienced and introduce some of their advices to ease your worries and answer your questions as much as possible.

An introduction to student life in Hiroshima

You'll need this, studying in Hiroshima!!

We will introduce items essential to the everyday lives of overseas students and things that we recommend you to bring from your countries.

What is student life like in Hiroshima?

We interviewed students who have been studying in Hiroshima for a year or so and asked them what it is like to study in Hiroshima.

Tell me more about student life in Hiroshima!

This is how we found a nice apartment!

International students told us how they managed to find an apartment from scratch after coming to Hiroshima and how they hunted for an apartment after moving out of a dormitory.

About the living expenses of studying in Hiroshima

Your school can tell you about tuitions, but what about living expenses? How much will you actually need to live in Hiroshima?
Let's look into a month's living expenses of overseas students currently studying in Hiroshima!

Part-time jobs in Hiroshima

We introduce you what kind of part-time jobs are available in Hiroshima through interviews with international students.

How to spend a holiday

Usually, you're probably busy with school and part-time jobs, but on a holiday you must enjoy yourself! That's the Hiroshima way of student life.
Let's see how 5 international students studying in Hiroshima spend their holidays.

This page was produced by the “Hiroshima way of life” group from the “discovering the appeals of student life in Hiroshima” team.
〈Hiroshima City University-Min Deulrae, Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University-Hoang Thi My, Hiroshima Shudo University-Lu Xuanyuan, Hiroshima University-Nam Dayeong・Lee Hyunjeong〉