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Hiroshima Support Center for International Students Study in Hiroshima!

We asked international students 4 appeals of studying in Hiroshima!!


An environment where students can study feeling reassured


Students can enjoy both the city life and nature


Good food


Many fun events and tourist sites

Together with international students currently studying in Hiroshima, this website will convey to you such appeals of the prefecture!

The Hiroshima way of life

Let’s simulate student life in Hiroshima!
What will your everyday life be like, as a student in Hiroshima?
Where will you live? Will you have a part-time job? We introduce the actual experiences and advices of foreign students who are currently studying in Hiroshima!


Many tourist events are held in Hiroshima throughout the year.
We introduce seasonal festivals and events and tourist sites together with the recommendations of foreign students!

Support for employment

In Hiroshima, we fully support the employment of foreign students. What kind of support can you get, and when and where?
We introduce Hiroshima’s support for employment with the experiences of foreign students who actually received support and interviews of senior foreign students.

Download necessary information

You can download the international student guidance that has been issued, together with leaflets produced by international students.